Manufacturer of 120 Optimized Transfection Reagents and Tissue-Targeted Kits

Altogen Biosystems is a biotechnology company that develops and manufactures transfection kits for life sciences research, drug discovery and development. Altogen® In Vivo transfection reagents provide effective delivery of biomolecules into target tissues. Cell transfection kits are optimized for specific cancer cell lines and primary cell cultures.  Efficient delivery of cargo molecules (DNA, RNA, proteins) enabled by advanced reagent formulation and optimized transfection protocols. Altogen Biosystems develops new in vitro and in vivo delivery technologies by applying polymer chemistry, molecular and cell biology expertise.

Transfection is the delivery of exogenous molecules into cultured cells and is commonly used to study gene function, modulation of gene expression, biochemical mapping, and protein production. Unfortunately, no single delivery method or transfection reagent can be applied to all types of cells – cellular cytotoxicity and transfection efficiencies vary dramatically and depend on the reagent, protocol, and cell type used.

Altogen Biosystems offers pre-optimized transfection kits and electroporation products for more than 120 cancer cell lines and primary cell types, and in vivo transfection reagents for tissue-targeted delivery. Altogen’s transfection reagents enable the delivery of cargo molecules, including plasmid DNA, various types of RNA (mRNA, siRNA, shRNA, microRNA), proteins, and small molecules both in vitro (cancer cell lines) and in vivo (tissue targeted reagents for animal research).

We also offer GLP-compliant laboratory contract research services (provided by Altogen Labs). Our biology CRO services include pharm/tox studies and safety tests for IND applications, assay development (ELISA, IC50, RT-PCR), over 60 xenograft animal models, RNAi and gene silencing services. Altogen’s cell culture scientists transform cell lines of choice to stably express gene of interest via development of stable cell line in just 28 days.

As featured by Science magazine, Altogen Biosystems offers following in vivo transfection kits:

In Vivo Kidney-targeted Transfection Reagent – Targeted tissues: Kidney, Kidney Tumors
In Vivo Nanoparticle-based Transfection Reagent – Targeted tissues: Lung, Liver, Heart, Kidney, Brain, Tumors
In Vivo PEG-liposome Transfection Reagent – Targeted tissues: Spleen, Liver, Kidney, Tumors, Pancreas
In Vivo Lipid-based Transfection Reagent – Targeted tissues: Liver, Kidney, Liver Tumors, Kidney Tumors
In Vivo Pancreas-targeted Transfection Reagent – Targeted tissues: Pancreas, Pancreas Tumors
In Vivo Liver-targeted Transfection Kit – Targeted tissues: Liver, Liver Tumors

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