siRNA Library Screening

High-throughput siRNA Screens

Library screening using genome-wide siRNAs as well as microRNAs allows a researcher to analyze an entire signaling pathway of one or tens of thousands of genes. Genome-wide siRNA- and microRNA library screening is a powerful research tool that allows researchers to study entire signalling pathways. RNAi can be used as a research tool to study the function of single or many thousands of genes in cells. siRNA libraries composed of large numbers of siRNAs have been developed and are used to identify sets of genes functionally involved in a particular biological process or disease metabolism. siRNA library screening is now extensively used by pharma companies for validation of drug targets.

Phenotypic high throughput siRNA screens are a powerful approach to study structure/function relationships of genes and to identify novels parts of signaling pathways. In fact, large-scale siRNA screening is now commonly used for functional genomics and drug target validation. High throughput applications require that reliable and reproducible transfections can be performed in 96-, 384-, or 1536-well plate format. Several transfection reagents are compatible for high throughput small RNA transfection (see list). A technique known as reverse transfection has been developed which allows for the plating of the cells and delivery of siRNA-reagent complexes on the same day thereby eliminating a source of high degrees of variability in cell culture and transfection efficiency.

In Vivo Transfection Kits from Altogen Biosystems

RNAi has been used for in vivo target validation studies using animal models. The major challenge in performing RNAi studies in vivo is the effective, directed delivery of functional siRNA or microRNA molecules into specific tissues. Altogen® In Vivo Transfection Reagents could be conjugated with siRNA and systemically via intravenous (i.v) tail vein injection in order to provide directed gene silencing in specific tissues, including liver, pancreas, kidney, and tumors. Selective knockdown could be seen as early as 24 hours after injection.

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About Altogen Biosystems:

Altogen Biosystems is a life sciences company focused on development of cell type specific transfection reagents and in vivo tissue-targeted delivery kits. We offer cell line specific transfection products supplied with pre-optimized transfection protocols. All reagents are functionally tested to be highly reproducible, serum compatible, induce low toxicity, and can be used for siRNA and plasmid DNA co-transfection experiments, as well well as high throughput applications.

siRNA Library Screening Services by Altogen Labs:

Altogen Labs provides siRNA and miRNA library screening services, as well as many other specialized biotech and pharma contract research services, including development of stable cell lines, A-to-Z RNA interference (RNAi) services, pharmacology and toxicology testing for IND applications (safety and efficacy), PK/PD, IC50, assay development, liposome encapsulation, and over 50 validated xenograft animal models.