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We provide custom delivery systems and transfection development services for numerous life science research applications (cancer research and oncology, protein production, gene expression studies, signalling pathway analysis, biomapping, gene silencing applications, etc).

A custom Targeted Transfection System can be designed to deliver specific genetic material into targeted cells. In other words, it is a method used to introduce biomolecules into cells. This is particularly useful in research and therapeutic applications where there is a need to manipulate the genetic makeup of cells, such as gene therapy, or in studying gene function.

The system is ‘custom targeted’ because it can be designed to specifically target certain types of cells and to deliver specific genetic material. This targeted approach ensures that the introduced genetic material reaches the desired cells without affecting other cells. It also increases the efficiency of transfection and reduces potential side effects.

There are various methods of transfection, including chemical, physical, and viral. Chemical methods include the use of lipid-based carriers (liposomes), calcium phosphate, or cationic polymers. Physical methods involve techniques like electroporation or microinjection, while viral methods use viral vectors to deliver the genetic material. The selection of the method largely depends on the type of cells (dividing or non-dividing, hard-to-transfect or easy-to-transfect), the purpose of transfection (temporary or stable expression), and the scale of the experiment. The development of targeted transfection systems is a rapidly evolving area in molecular biology and biotechnology, and new methods and technologies are constantly being explored and refined.

Delivery system can be optimized specifically for:

  • siRNA-specific targeted transfection system
  • Tissue-targeted delivery of biomolecules
  • Custom plasmid DNA (cloning and gene targeting)
  • Chemically modified siRNA (improved in vivo stability)
  • Targeted viral-based delivery system
  • Tet-inducible expression systems

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