GFP-expressing plasmid DNA (25 µg)


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GFP-expressing plasmid

GFP encoding plasmid DNA (25 µg)

  • Developed and manufactured by Altogen Biosystems
  • Kit includes 25 µg of GFP plasmid DNA
  • DNA transfection control for fluorescent microscopy
  • Transfection control for chemical transfection and electroporation
  • Validated for use in human cell lines
  • Can be used for plasmid DNA / GFP siRNA co-transfection
  • Plasmid sequence map [PDF]

Plasmid DNA encoding a gene GFP (green fluorescent protein). GFP is a naturally occurring protein that is derived from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria and emits a bright green fluorescence when exposed to blue or ultraviolet light and can be measured by fluorescent microscope or appropriate plate reader. This eGFP plasmid vector (see plasmid sequence map here – PDF) can be transiently or stably transfected into host cells, or used as a transfection control. GFP plasmids are commonly used in molecular biology and gene expression studies to investigate gene expression, protein localization, and other cellular activities. GFP-plasmids have many applications in biological research, including studying gene expression patterns, measuring transfection efficiency, tracking the movement of proteins within cells, and identifying specific cell types. Other biotechnology applications include developing biosensors and creating genetically modified organisms.

Altogen Biosystems:
Altogen Biosystems is a life sciences company dedicated to the development, marketing and manufacture of cell type specific transfection reagents. Efficient delivery of DNA, RNA, siRNA, and microRNA enabled by advanced formulation of reagents and peculiar design of protocols. Altogen Biosystems offers a complete transfection system for a broad range of cell lines. All reagents are functionally tested to be highly reproducible, serum compatible, induce low toxicity, and can be used for co-transfection experiments, and high throughput applications.

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Altogen Labs CRO Services:

Altogen Labs provides good laboratory practice (GLP) compliant preclinical research services for IND applications and drug development. Our biology CRO services includes both efficacy studies (over 90 in-house validated xenograft models) and safety pharmacology/toxicology studies (for more details please visit

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  • 25 µg (Catalog #4060)

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Product Availability: In Stock.

GFP-expressing plasmid

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