Jurkat Electroporation Kit (T-Cell Leukemia, TIB-152)


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Electroporation Kit for Jurkat Cells (T-Cell Leukemia Cells, TIB-152)

• Electroporation Kit include: electroporation buffer + buffer-specific optimized electroporation protocols
• Pre-optimized electroporation protocols are provided for delivery of plasmids (DNA), siRNA, mRNA, and proteins
• Proprietary electroporation buffer formulation mimics cellular cytoplasm composition (superior electropore resealing)s
• Certified RNAse- and DNAse-free electroporation buffer
• Effective electroporation delivery and high cell viability provides reproducible electroporation results
• High cell viability and superior cell recovery rates
• Electroporation protocols are provided with with the purchase of the Electroporation Kit
• Developed and manufactured by Altogen Biosystems

Electroporation Buffer:
4 mL of electroporation buffer is sufficient for 20 reactions using standard 0.2 cm elecrtoporation cuvette
30 mL of electroporation buffer is sufficient for 150 reactions using standard 0.2 cm elecrtoporation cuvette

Electroporation Efficiency:
Electroporation kit provides 75-90% delivery efficiency of siRNA. Electroporation efficiency was determined by qRT-PCR.

Electroporation Protocol and MSDS:
Electroporation protocols are provided with the purchase of the Electroporation Kit
Download MSDS: [PDF]

Jurkat Cell Line:
The Jurkat cell line was established in 1970 from the peripheral blood of a patient with acute T cell leukemia. Jurkat cells used in cell biology research to study cancer of blood cells (leukemia). Jurkat cells provide a model to study T cell signaling, expression of chemokine receptors susceptible to viral entry, and the effects of radiation and drugs. Jurkat cell line is also known to produce interleukin 2. Derivatives of Jurkat cell line include JCaM1.6, J.RT3-T3.5, D1.1, J.gamma-1, I 9.2 and I 2.1 cell lines.

Jurkat cells are a type of human T lymphocyte cell line that was originally isolated from the peripheral blood of a 14-year-old boy with T cell leukemia. These cells are commonly used in biomedical research to study T cell activation, signal transduction, gene regulation, and various other aspects of cellular biology. Jurkat cells are widely used because they are easy to culture, grow quickly, and can be induced to undergo T cell activation and proliferation in response to a variety of stimuli, such as mitogens, cytokines, and antigens. They have also been extensively characterized at the molecular and cellular levels, making them a valuable tool for understanding the mechanisms of T cell activation and function.


TP53 7157 37 17 7578263 7578263 Nonsense_Mutation SNP G A
FBXW7 55294 37 4 153247289 153247289 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
TP53 7157 37 17 7579312 7579312 Splice_Site SNP C T
ZC3H4 23211 37 19 47572412 47572412 Missense_Mutation SNP C G
SMARCA4 6597 37 19 11143994 11143994 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
ENTPD7 57089 37 10 101455842 101455842 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
RAB40C 57799 37 16 677527 677527 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
DAZAP1 26528 37 19 1421251 1421251 Silent SNP C T
MAN1C1 57134 37 1 26104628 26104628 Silent SNP C T
APC 324 37 5 112154771 112154771 Nonsense_Mutation SNP C T
PTGR1 22949 37 9 114348376 114348376 Silent SNP C T
PDCL 5082 37 9 125585446 125585446 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
ATN1 1822 37 12 7047777 7047777 Missense_Mutation SNP G A


Jurkat Electroporation Kit

Selected in vivo transfection product citations (ALTOGEN® IN VIVO Transfection Kits used in the following publications):

  • 2008 454(7203):523-7. Innate immunity induced by composition-dependent RIG-I …Saito et al [PDF]
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Altogen Biosystems:

Altogen Biosystems is a life sciences company that manufactures over 100 cell type specific and optimized transfection kits, electroporation buffers, and targeted in vivo delivery kits. Advanced formulation of reagents and optimized electroporation protocols provide highly efficient intracellular delivery of biomolecules (proteins, DNA, mRNA, shRNA and siRNA, and small molecule compounds). Read more about electroporation technology at Altogen’s Transfection Resource.

Altogen Contract Research Services:

Altogen Labs provides GLP compliant contract research studies for preclinical research, IND applications, and drug development. Biology CRO services include: Xenograft models (90+), development of stable cell lines, ELISA assay development, cell-based and tissue targeted RNAi studies, safety pharm/tox assays, and other studies (visit AltogenLabs.com).

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