Calu-3 Transfection Kit (Lung Carcinoma, HTB-55)


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Transfection Reagent for Calu-3 Cells (Lung Carcinoma Cells, HTB-55)

  • Proprietary cationic lipids formulation
  • High transfection efficiency of small RNA (siRNA, shRNA, miRNA), mRNA, pDNA
  • Effective and robust intracellular delivery
  • Kit includes Transfection Enhancer and Complex Condenser reagents
  • Produces consistent results, lot-to-lot, plate-to-plate, and well-to-well
  • Work in the presence of serum
  • A proven reagent for establishing stable cell lines
  • Optimized transfection protocols are adapted for use with both standard & reverse transfection methods
  • Download in vitro Calu-3 transfection protocol: [PDF]
  • Download Calu-3 CRISPR/Cas9 transfection protocol: [PDF]
  • Download PowerPoint presentation for Calu-3 cells transfection kit: [PPT]
  • UPC/GTIN/EAN: 860002089740
  • Brand: ALTOGEN®, developed and manufactured by Altogen Biosystems

Transfection Efficiency:

Reagent exhibits at least 90% transfection efficiency of siRNA delivery. Transfection efficiency was determined by qRT-PCR.

Product Description:

This transfection kit is specially designed for the Calu-3 cell line, a human lung adenocarcinoma cells. Transfection reagent supplemented by complex condenser and transfection enhancer ensures high efficiency in delivering cargo biomolecules into these cells.

Transfection Protocol and SDS:

Download Altogen Biosystems Transfection Protocol: [PDF]

Download SDS: [PDF]

Calu-3 Cell Line:

Despite the highly preventable nature of lung cancer, it remains the second most common cancer in the world and has higher mortality rates than colon, breast, and prostate cancers combined. Lung cancer is continuously listed among the leading causes of death around the globe, and further research is needed to find a definite cure. Preclinical research is an essential element for understanding tumor growth dynamics and its interaction with the immune system. Originally derived from the lung tissue of a 25-year-old Caucasian male with adenocarcinoma, the tumorigenic Calu-3 cell line has an epithelial cell morphology and is a suitable host for studies related to lung cancer as well as for other biomedical applications. This patient was treated with Cytoxan, Bleomycin, and Adriamycin before removal of cells. Altogen Biosystems provides efficient lipid-based transfection reagent kits for the Calu-3 lung cancer cell line.

Calu3 is a cell line that was derived from a human lung adenocarcinoma. It is commonly used as a model system for studying lung epithelial cells and for investigating drug absorption and metabolism in the lung. Calu3 cells are adherent and grow in vitro as monolayer cultures. They have a cuboidal morphology and form tight junctions, which create a barrier that mimics the lung epithelium. Calu-3 cells are often used to investigate the transport of drugs and nutrients across the lung epithelium and to evaluate the potential for drug-drug interactions and drug toxicity. Calu3 cells are also useful for studying the molecular mechanisms of lung epithelial cell differentiation and function. They have been used to investigate the effects of various stimuli on lung cell differentiation, such as growth factors, hormones, and cytokines. Calu3 cells are also commonly used for screening compounds for their potential to modulate lung function and for developing drugs that target the lung.


CDK11A 728642 37 1 1635755 1635755 Silent SNP C G
EMC1 23065 37 1 19557453 19557453 Missense_Mutation SNP G C
RHCE 6006 37 1 25715527 25715527 Silent SNP A C
ZNF683 257101 37 1 26689619 26689619 Silent SNP C T
NKAIN1 79570 37 1 31658121 31658121 Missense_Mutation SNP G C
DNASE2B 58511 37 1 84878201 84878201 Missense_Mutation SNP T A
COL24A1 255631 37 1 86591224 86591224 Silent SNP C T
TARS2 80222 37 1 150461543 150461543 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
SMG5 23381 37 1 156244457 156244457 Missense_Mutation SNP C A
CCT3 7203 37 1 156288735 156288735 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
IQGAP3 128239 37 1 156514007 156514007 Silent SNP G A
ASTN1 460 37 1 176927569 176927569 Missense_Mutation SNP A C


Calu3 Cell Transfection Kit

Figure 1. siRNAs targeting Lamin A/C mRNA or non-silencing control siRNA were transfected into Calu-3 cells following the recommended protocol. At 48 hours post-transfection the cells were analyzed by qRT-PCR for Lamin A/C gene expression levels. 18S rRNA levels were used to normalize the Lamin A/C data. Values are normalized to untreated sample. Data are means ± SD (n=4).


Figure 2. Protein expression of Lamin A/C in Calu-3 cells. DNA plasmid expressing Lamin A/C or siRNA targeting Lamin A/C were transfected into Calu-3 cells following Altogen Biosystems transfection protocol. At 72 hours post-transfection the cells were analyzed by Western Blot for protein expression levels (normalized by total protein, 10 µg of total protein loaded per each well). Untreated cells used as a negative control.

Altogen Biosystems provides pre-optimized transfection kits and electroporation products for life science research. Transfection products are developed for individual cancer cell line and transfection protocols are optimized to enable high transfection  efficiency of biomolecules. Altogen Biosystems developed in vivo delivery products for small animal research, mouse and rat targeted tissue delivery: liver targeted, pancreas targeted, kidney targeted, PEG-Liposome-, Nanoparticle-, Lipid-, and Polymer-based in vivo transfection kits. Advanced formulation of reagents and optimized transfection protocols provide efficient intracellular delivery of biomolecules. Read more about transfection technology at Altogen’s Transfection Resource. Altogen Labs provides GLP-compliant contract research studies for pre-clinical research, IND applications, and drug development. Biology CRO services include: Xenograft models (90+), development of stable cell lines, ELISA assay development, cell-based and tissue targeted RNAi studies, safety pharm/tox assays, and other studies (visit

Calu3 Transfection Reagent

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  • 0.5 ml (Catalog #6401)
  • 1.5 ml (Catalog #6402)
  • 1.5 ml CRISPR (Catalog #2124)
  • 8.0 ml (Catalog #6403)

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