Cell Cycle Arrest siRNA (5 nmol)


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Cell Cycle Arrest siRNA (5 nmol)

  • siRNA transfection control
  • Kit includes 5 nmol of ready-to-use chemically synthesized siRNA
  • siRNA induce cell cycle arrest when transfected in vitro
  • Validated for use in human cell lines
  • Transfection control for chemical transfection and siRNA electroporation applications
  • Developed and manufactured by Altogen Biosystems

siRNA Transfection:

Gene silencing by RNA Interference (RNAi) is a powerful research tool for studying gene function in mammalian cells. RNAi is a biological phenomenon by which double stranded RNA (dsRNA) specifically reduces gene expression of its corresponding gene. Potent inhibition of specific gene expression is experimentally achieved by the transfection of small interfering RNA (siRNA), which binds RISC complex and cause degradation of target complementary mRNA molecules in the cell. Therefore, successful, potent RNAi experimentation is dependent upon the highly efficient delivery of the siRNA into cells by transfection of stable and functional siRNA molecules. Most DNA transfection reagents are incompatible with siRNA, sensitive to serum, or are capable of inducing cytotoxicity, which negatively affects gene expression studies.

Altogen Biosystems siRNA article citation references:

  • Cell Death Differ. 2016. 23(5):787-800. Unexpected requirement for a binding partner of the syntaxin family in phagocytosis by murine testicular Sertoli cells. Dong et al [PDF]

Altogen Biosystems:

Altogen Biosystems is a life sciences company dedicated to the development, marketing and manufacture of cell type specific transfection reagents. Efficient delivery of pDNA, RNA, siRNA, and microRNA enabled by advanced formulation of reagents and peculiar design of protocols. Altogen Biosystems offers a complete transfection system for a broad range of cell lines. All reagents are functionally tested to be highly reproducible, serum compatible, induce low toxicity, and can be used for co-transfection experiments, and high throughput applications.

Altogen Labs CRO Services:

Altogen Labs provides good laboratory practice (GLP) compliant preclinical research services for IND applications and drug development. Our biology CRO services includes both efficacy studies (over 90 in-house validated xenograft models) and safety pharmacology/toxicology studies (for more details please visit AltogenLabs.com).

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  • 5 nmol (Catalog #4061)

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5 nmol (Catalog #4061)