Hep-3B Transfection Kit (Hepatocellular Carcinoma)


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Transfection Reagent for Hep-3B Cells (Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells, HB-8064)

  • A nanoparticle-based liposome formulation
  • Transfection protocols provided for transfection of DNA, mRNA, siRNA, shRNA and microRNA
  • Complex Condenser and Transfection Enhancer reagents are provided with the kit
  • Produce higher level of recombinant protein expression with minimal disruption of normal cell function
  • Generate physiologically relevant data you can trust
  • Effective for plasmid DNA/siRNA co-transfection
  • Easy-to-use transfection protocol with reproducible results
  • Download Hep3B CRISPR/Cas9 transfection protocol: [PDF]
  • Download PowerPoint presentation for Hep3B cells transfection kit: [PPT]
  • UPC/GTIN/EAN: 860002089769
  • Brand: ALTOGEN®, developed and manufactured by Altogen Biosystems

Transfection Efficiency:

Reagent exhibits at least 78% transfection efficiency of siRNA delivery. Transfection efficiency was determined by qRT-PCR.

Product Description:

Transfection reagent developed for Hep3B cell line, a human liver cancer cells. Transfection reagent and transfection protocols are optimized for maximum delivery efficiency.

Transfection Protocol and SDS:

Download Altogen Biosystems Hep3B Transfection Protocol: [PDF]

Download SDS: [PDF]

Hep-3B Cell Line:

Liver cancer is a tumor that starts in the liver, affecting more often men than women. According to the American Cancer Society, over 40,000 Americans are diagnosed with liver cancer, and approximately 30,000 men and women will die every year in the United States, with a continuous 3 percent increase in the annual mortality rate. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) begins in hepatocellular cells and is considered the most common form of liver cancer in adults, accounting for more than 70% of all liver malignancies. Hepatoma is the emergence of malignant tumors in patients with chronic liver diseases and is the third leading cause of cancer deaths, globally. The Hep-3B2.1-7 cell line was established from the liver tissue of an 8-year-old male patient with hepatocellular carcinoma. These cells contain Hepatitis B. The Hep-3B cell line has the Hep B virus integrated into its genome. Also, Hep-3B cells exhibit epithelial morphology and are useful because they make an excellent transfection host (liver biological in vitro model). Hep-3B cells are extensively used for liver disease research as well as for cancer and hepatitis B biomedical research. Altogen Biosystems manufactures nanoparticle-based transfection reagent kits for the Hep-3B hepatoma cell line that that yield high transfection efficiency.

Hep3B is a human liver cancer cell line that was originally derived from a patient with a well-differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma. It is widely used in cancer research as a model system to study various aspects of liver cancer biology, including tumor growth, invasion, metastasis, and drug resistance. Hep3B cells are notable for their high resistance to conventional chemotherapeutic drugs, which makes them a valuable tool for studying drug resistance mechanisms and developing new cancer therapies. Researchers also use Hep3B cells to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying liver cancer development and progression, and to identify potential therapeutic targets and biomarkers of the disease.


PAPLN 89932 37 14 73732154 73732154 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
AXIN1 8312 37 16 396590 396590 Nonsense_Mutation SNP G A
CST2 1470 37 20 23807102 23807102 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
DEFA4 1669 37 8 6794410 6794410 Silent SNP G T
ASTN2 23245 37 9 119903672 119903672 Missense_Mutation SNP G C
ZNF841 284371 37 19 52569537 52569537 Missense_Mutation SNP C A
LMCD1 29995 37 3 8590374 8590374 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
OR6C6 283365 37 12 55688881 55688881 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
TAS1R3 83756 37 1 1268747 1268747 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
MXRA8 54587 37 1 1290506 1290506 Missense_Mutation SNP C A
GLIS1 148979 37 1 53980338 53980338 Missense_Mutation SNP G T


Hep3B Cell Transfection Kit

Figure 1. GAPD mRNA levels were quantified using real-time qRT-PCR in the Hep3B cells transfected with siRNAs targeting GAPD or non-silencing siRNA. Forty-eight hours post-transfection, the cells were harvested and analyzed by real-time qRT-PCR for GAPD mRNA expression levels. Data were normalized against the 18S rRNA signal. Control samples were either mock-transfected or untreated. Values are normalized to untreated sample. Data are means ± SD (n=5).


Figure 2. Protein expression of GAPDH in Hep-3B cells. DNA plasmid expressing GAPDH or siRNA targeting GAPDH were transfected into Hep-3B cells following Altogen Biosystems transfection protocol. At 72 hours post-transfection the cells were analyzed by Western Blot for protein expression levels (normalized by total protein, 10 µg of total protein loaded per each well). Untreated cells used as a negative control.

Altogen Biosystems transfection and electroporation products for life sciences and cancer research. Transfection reagents are developed for individual cancer cell line and transfection protocols are optimized for maximum delivery efficiency. Advanced formulation of reagents and optimized transfection protocols provide efficient cellular delivery of small proteins, plasmid DNA, mRNA, shRNA, siRNA, and other negatively charged biomolecules in vitro and in vivo. Read more about transfection technology at Altogen’s Transfection Resource. Altogen Labs provides good laboratory practice (GLP) compliant preclinical research services for IND applications and drug development. Our biology CRO services includes both efficacy studies (over 90 in-house validated xenograft models) and safety pharmacology/toxicology studies (for more details please visit AltogenLabs.com).

Hep3B Transfection Reagent

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  • 0.5 ml (Catalog #6817)
  • 1.5 ml (Catalog #6818)
  • 1.5 ml CRISPR (Catalog #2152)
  • 8.0 ml (Catalog #6819)

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