CCRF-CEM Electroporation Kit (CML Leukemia Cells)


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Electroporation Buffer

Electroporation Kit for CCRF-CEM Cells (CML Leukemia Cells, CCL-119)

  • Electroporation Kit include: electroporation buffer + buffer-specific optimized electroporation protocols
  • Preoptimized electroporation protocols are provided for delivery of plasmids (DNA), siRNA, mRNA, and proteins
  • Proprietary electroporation buffer formulation mimics cellular cytoplasm composition (superior electropore resealing)
  • Certified RNAse- and DNAse-free electroporation buffer
  •  Effective electroporation delivery and high cell viability provides reproducible electroporation results
  • High cell viability and superior cell recovery rates
  • Electroporation protocols are provided with with the purchase of the Electroporation Kit
  • UPC/GTIN/EAN: 860002089748
  • Brand: ALTOGEN®, developed and manufactured by Altogen Biosystems

Electroporation Buffer:
4 mL of electroporation buffer is sufficient for 20 reactions using standard 0.2 cm elecrtoporation cuvette
30 mL of electroporation buffer is sufficient for 150 reactions using standard 0.2 cm elecrtoporation cuvette

Electroporation Efficiency:
Electroporation kit provides 80-95% delivery efficiency of siRNA. Electroporation efficiency was determined by qRT-PCR.

Electroporation Protocol and SDS:
Electroporation protocols are provided with the purchase of the Electroporation Kit
Download SDS: [PDF]

CCRF-CEM Cell Line:
The CCRF-CEM cell line was established in 1964 from the peripheral blood of a 4-year-old Caucasian female who suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. These tumorigenic cells exhibit lymphoblast morphology and a T lymphoblast cell type. CCRF-CEM cells positively express CD3 – CD7 antigens, except for CD6. These cells could be useful for transfection experiments to study leukemia. CCRFCEM cells are a human T-cell leukemia cell line that was originally isolated from the peripheral blood of a patient with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. These cells are commonly used as a model system to study the mechanisms underlying T-cell leukemia and to screen potential anti-cancer drugs. CCRF-CEM cells have been extensively studied and characterized, and they are known to exhibit many of the features of T-cell leukemia cells, including rapid proliferation, high levels of cytokine production, and the expression of T-cell surface markers. Researchers use CCRF-CEM cells to investigate the molecular pathways that drive the development and progression of T-cell leukemia, as well as to test the efficacy of potential drugs that may be used to treat the disease. CCRF-CEM cells are a valuable tool in the study of T-cell leukemia and have contributed to advances in our understanding of the disease and the development of new treatments.


TP53 7157 17 7577538 7577538 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
FBXW7 55294 4 153249385 153249385 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
GRIN2A 2903 16 9858202 9858202 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
SLC26A5 375611 7 103061308 103061308 Frame_Shift_Del DEL T
CTCF 10664 16 67654642 67654642 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
BRINP1 1620 9 121929543 121929543 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
NOTCH2NL 388677 1 145273244 145273244 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
TLR5 7100 1 223284999 223284999 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
KRT14 3861 17 39740077 39740077 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
EHMT1 79813 9 140638532 140638532 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
USP15 9958 12 62786091 62786091 Frame_Shift_Del DEL A
PALB2 79728 16 23646981 23646981 Frame_Shift_Del DEL T
PPFIBP1 8496 12 27841317 27841317 Silent SNP G A
FLT3 2322 13 28608087 28608087 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
CLMN 79789 14 95670573 95670573 Silent SNP C T
DTNA 1837 18 32438277 32438277 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
CD93 22918 20 23065010 23065010 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
MB21D2 151963 3 192516769 192516769 Silent SNP G A
HIST1H4G 8369 6 26247163 26247163 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
EZH2 2146 7 148515169 148515169 Missense_Mutation SNP C T


CCRF-CEM Electroporation Kit

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Electroporation Buffer

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  • 4 ml (Catalog #6559)
  • 30 ml (Catalog #6560)

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