COS-7 Transfection Reagent (Kidney Cells, CRL-1651)


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Transfection Reagent for COS-7 Cells (Monkey Kidney Cells, CRL-1651)

  • Lipid-based transfection reagent
  • Optimized easy-to-use transfection protocol provided for transfection of siRNA, DNA, and mRNA
  • Kit includes Transfection Enhancer reagent and recommended transfection protocol
  • Expand your RNAi application with a reagent optimized for delivery of both siRNA and plasmid
  • Reproducible transfection results
  • Works well for standard reverse transfection and high-throughput applications
  • Download PowerPoint presentation for Cos-7 cells transfection kit: [PPT]
  • Developed and manufactured by Altogen Biosystems

Transfection Efficiency:

Reagent exhibits at least 80% transfection efficiency of siRNA delivery. Transfection efficiency was determined by qRT-PCR.

Transfection Protocol and MSDS:

Download Altogen Biosystems Cos-7 Transfection Protocol: [PDF]

Download MSDS: [PDF]

COS-7 Cell Line:

COS-7 was established from a CV-1 line derived from kidney cells of the African green monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops) through transformation with a mutant version of the SV-40 genome that can produce large T antigen. They are fibroblast-like cells growing as monolayers. The COS-7 cell line is frequently used by researchers to study the SV-40 monkey virus. It is also used to transfect cells to produce recombinant proteins for biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology experiments. COS-7 has been shown to retain complete permissiveness for lytic growth of SV40, support the replication of tsA209 virus at 40°C, and support the replication of pure populations of SV40 mutants. 


Figure 1. siRNA targeting Lamin A/C mRNA or non-silencing control siRNA were transfected into Cos-7 cells following the recommended protocol. At 48 hours post-transfection the cells were analyzed by qRT-PCR for gene expression levels. 18S rRNA levels were used to normalize the Lamin A/C data. Values are normalized to untreated sample. Data are means ± SD (n=3).


Figure 2. Protein expression of Lamin A/C in Cos-7 cells. DNA plasmid expressing Lamin A/C or siRNA targeting Lamin A/C were transfected into Cos-7 cells following Altogen Biosystems transfection protocol. At 72 hours post-transfection the cells were analyzed by Western Blot for protein expression levels (normalized by total protein, 10 µg of total protein loaded per each well). Untreated cells used as a negative control.

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Altogen Biosystems:

Altogen Biosystems is a life sciences company that manufactures over 100 cell type specific and pre-optimized transfection kits, electroporation buffers, and targeted in vivo delivery kits and reagents. Advanced formulation of reagents and optimized transfection protocols provide highly efficient intracellular delivery of biomolecules (proteins, DNA, mRNA, shRNA and siRNA, and small molecule compounds). Read more about transfection technology at Altogen’s Transfection Resource.

Altogen Labs Research Services:

Altogen Labs provides GLP-compliant contract research studies for pre-clinical research, IND applications, and drug development. Biology CRO services include: Xenograft models (30+), development of stable cell lines, ELISA assay development, cell-based and tissue targeted RNAi studies, safety pharm/tox assays, and other studies (visit

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