T98G Transfection Kit (Glioblastoma Cells, CRL-1690)


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Transfection Reagent for T98G Cells (Glioblastoma Cells, CRL-1690)

  • A nanoparticle-based liposome formulation
  • Transfection protocols provided for transfection of small proteins, pDNA, mRNA, siRNA, sh/miRNA
  • Complex Condenser and Transfection Enhancer reagents are provided with the kit
  • Produce higher level of recombinant protein expression with minimal disruption of normal cell function
  • Generate physiologically relevant data you can trust
  • Effective for plasmid DNA/siRNA co-transfection
  • Easy-to-use transfection protocol with reproducible results
  • Download in vitro T98G transfection protocol: [PDF]
  • Download T98G CRISPR/Cas9 transfection protocol: [PDF]
  • Download PowerPoint presentation for T98G cells transfection kit: [PPT]
  • Developed and manufactured by Altogen Biosystems

Transfection Efficiency:

Reagent exhibits at least 93% transfection efficiency of siRNA delivery. Transfection efficiency was determined by qRT-PCR.

Transfection Protocol and MSDS:

Download Altogen Biosystems Transfection Protocol: [PDF]

Download MSDS: [PDF]

T98G Cell Line:

T98G is a human glioblastoma cell line that was established from a malignant brain tumor. Glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive type of brain cancer, and it arises from the glial cells in the brain. The T98G cell line has been widely used as a model system to study the biology of glioblastoma and to develop new therapies for this disease. Researchers have used these cells to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying tumor growth, invasion, and metastasis, as well as drug resistance and potential therapeutic targets. Glioblastoma is the most common type of brain malignancy in adults that is also considered the most aggressive and lethal form of brain tumor found in humans, with an overall survival of approximately 15 months after diagnosis. Human tumor cell lines are essential in finding novel treatment therapies for improving the survival rate of brain cancer patients. According to a 2016 article in Cell and Tissue Biology, the T98G cell line is a valuable cancer research tool as the cells maintain glioblastoma morphology. The T98G cell line was originally established from the brain of a 61-year-old Caucasian male with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). This cell line exhibits fibroblast morphology and is not tumorigenic, but has a hyperpentaploid chromosome count (polyploidy). The T98G cell line is a suitable transfection host and is widely used for biomedical research related to brain tumor therapeutics. Altogen Biosystems offers transfection kits for the T98G glioblastoma cell line.

T98G cell line mutations:

TP53 7157 37 17 7577570 7577570 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
ACTBL2 345651 37 5 56778460 56778460 Silent SNP G A
TMPRSS15 5651 37 21 19666640 19666640 Silent SNP G A
SDK1 221935 37 7 4272965 4272965 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
UTP6 55813 37 17 30190454 30190454 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
DSEL 92126 37 18 65180960 65180960 Missense_Mutation SNP G A
CNTN3 5067 37 3 74334456 74334456 Splice_Site SNP G A
CLSTN1 22883 37 1 9793469 9793469 Missense_Mutation SNP A T
UBR4 23352 37 1 19518991 19518991 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
USP48 84196 37 1 22030836 22030836 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
MAN1C1 57134 37 1 26107569 26107569 Missense_Mutation SNP C T
MAN1C1 57134 37 1 26107570 26107570 Silent SNP C T
INPP5B 3633 37 1 38343964 38343964 Missense_Mutation SNP G A


T98G Cell Transfection Reagent

Figure 1. Cyclophilin B silencing efficiency was determined by RT-PCR in the T98G cells transfected by Cyclophilin B siRNA or non-silencing siRNA control following the recommended transfection protocol. Cyclophilin mRNA expression levels were measured 48 hours post-transfection. 18S rRNA levels were used to normalize the Cyclophilin B data. Values are normalized to untreated sample. Data are presented as means ± SD (n=6).


Figure 2. Protein expression of Cyclophilin B in T98G cells. DNA plasmid expressing Cyclophilin B or siRNA targeting Cyclophilin B were transfected into T98G cells following Altogen Biosystems transfection protocol. At 72 hours post-transfection the cells were analyzed by Western Blot for protein expression levels (normalized by total protein, 10 µg of total protein loaded per each well). Untreated cells used as a negative control.

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Altogen Biosystems:
Altogen Biosystems is a life sciences company that manufactures over 100 cell type specific and pre-optimized transfection kits, electroporation buffers, and targeted in vivo delivery kits and reagents. Advanced formulation of reagents and optimized transfection protocols provide highly efficient intracellular delivery of biomolecules (proteins, DNA, mRNA, shRNA and siRNA, and small molecule compounds). Read more about transfection technology at Altogen’s Transfection Resource.

Altogen Laboratory CRO Services:

Altogen Labs provides GLP contract research studies for preclinical research, IND applications, and drug development. Biology CRO services include: Xenograft models (90+), development of stable cell lines, ELISA assay development, cell-based and tissue targeted RNAi studies, safety pharm/tox assays, and other studies (visit AltogenLabs.com).

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  • 0.5 ml (Catalog #6924)
  • 1.5 ml (Catalog #6925)
  • 1.5 ml CRISPR (Catalog #2199)
  • 8.0 ml (Catalog #7090)

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