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cGMP-grade Nanoparticle Transfection Reagent for In Vivo Delivery

Altogen Biosystems is a manufacturer of life science research products that includes in vivo transfection reagents designed for tissue-targeted delivery of biomolecules. Altogen’s Nanoparticle In Vivo Transfection Reagent was launched in 2008 and used in over 30 research publications demonstrating highly efficient delivery of cargo nucleic acids (siRNA, microRNA, mRNA, plasmid DNA, and small proteins) to the heart, lung, liver, pancreas, kidney, and various tumor types. In vivo reagent offers high transfection efficiency, reproducibility, robustness and represent a novel promising approach for medical applications such as gene and oligonucleotides therapy.

Altogen Biosystems offers over 120 cell-line optimized in vitro delivery kits and seven in vivo transfection reagents that are functionally tested in both mice and rats to provide effective intracellular delivery via various administration routes, including intravenous, intraperitoneal, and intratumoral injection. Nanoparticle In Vivo Transfection Reagent was selected as the delivery vehicle of choice in several drug development programs. For this purpose, Altogen Biosystems provides a cGMP grade transfection reagent required for clinical trials.

Altogen Labs, a GLP-compliant preclinical research laboratory, completed preclinical testing of Nanoparticle In Vivo Transfection Reagent. Proprietary formulation of chemically engineered nanoparticles enable protection of cargo biomolecules in vivo and tissue-targeted delivery of therapeutic compounds while not inducing an inflammatory response. This transfection technology can be used as experimental research tools for oncology studies, diabetes, cirrhosis, and many other conditions. Development of novel medicines often depend on successful delivery of therapeutic molecules to the target cells and tissues.

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