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Microscope Magnification Calculator

A microscope magnification calculator is a tool that calculates the magnification of a microscope based on the characteristics of the lenses and the eyepiece used. Magnification is the degree to which an object is enlarged when viewed through a microscope, and it is a critical parameter in microscopy for visualizing and studying microscopic structures and features.

The formula for calculating microscope magnification is:

Magnification = Objective Lens Magnification x Eyepiece Magnification


  • Objective Lens Magnification is the magnification of the objective lens used in the microscope
  • Eyepiece Magnification is the magnification of the eyepiece used in the microscope

To use a microscope magnification calculator, you need to input the values of the objective lens magnification and the eyepiece magnification, and the calculator will calculate the corresponding microscope magnification for you. The resulting magnification value can be used to assess the level of detail and resolution of the image obtained through the microscope and to compare the magnification of different microscopes or lens combinations.

It is important to note that microscope magnification can vary depending on several factors, such as the distance between the lenses, the quality and type of the lenses, and the wavelength of the light used to illuminate the sample. Therefore, the magnification value obtained from a microscope magnification calculator should be considered as an estimate and may need to be verified experimentally.

Microscope Magnification Calculator
Ocular Len's Magnification:
Objective Len's Magnification:

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