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Pharmacology Abbreviations

A reference table for commonly used pharmacology terms and abbreviations.
ACD Anticonvulsant drug
ACR Adverse drug reaction
ASA Acetylsalicyclic acid (aspirin)
CD Curative dose
D, dos Dose, dosage
DAW Dispense as written
DAWN Drug Abuse Warning Network
DIG Digitalis
DSB Drug-seeking behavior
IND Investigational new drug
INH Isoniazid (TB drug)
LD Lethal dose
MAOI Monoamine oxidase inhibitor
MAR Medication administration record
Meds Med, medications, medicines
NSAID Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
OD (drug) overdose
OTC Over the counter
PCA Patient-controlled analgesia
PCN, PNC Penicillin
Rx Prescription, drug, medication
sig Label
TDM Therapeutic drug monitoring
aer aerosol
aq water, aqueous
bol, pill pill
cap capsule
comp compound
dil, dilute dilute
elix, el elixir
ext extract
fld, FL fluid
garg a gargle
gtt, gt drops, grop
linim liniment
liq liquid
lot lotion
M mixture, mix
pulv powder (pulvule)
sol, soln solution
solv dissolve
spt spirit
supp suppository
susp suspension
syr syrup
tab tablet
tinct tincture
ung ointment
Administration directions
ā before
ā ā of each
ac before meals
ad lib. freely, as desired
admov apply
AM before noon
atc around the clock
bib drink
bid twice a day
 p with
d day
dc, D/C discontinue
h hour
hs at bedtime
npo nothing by mouth
od every day, daily
 p after
pc after meals
PM afternoon, evening
prn as required/needed
q every
qd every day
qh every hour
qid four times a day
ql as much as desired
qm every morning
qn every night
qod every other day
qoh every other hour
qon every other night
qp as much as desired
qmn, qn every night/evening
qs quantity sufficient
 p without
semih half an hour
sos if necessary
ss half
tid three times a day
tin three times a night
ut dict as directed
hypo hypodermic (injection)
IC, ICAV intracavitary
ID intradermal
IM intramuscular
inhal inhalation
inj, inject injection
IT, i-thec intrathecal
IV intravenous
IVP intravenous push
IVPB intravenous piggyback
MDI metered-dose inhaler
parent, P parenteral
po orally
pr through rectum, per rectum
SL, subl sublingual
SQ, SC, subq, subcu subcutaneous
TDD transdermal drug delivery
top topically

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