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Nanoparticle In Vivo Transfection Reagent (Altogen)

July 27, 2021 – Altogen Biosystems® is a biotechnology manufacturing company that specializes in the development and testing of optimized cell transfection reagents and kits for both in vitro and in vivo delivery. In 2018 Altogen Biosystems launched the AltoFect transfection reagent formulated for difficult-to-transfect cells (like B-cells, T-cells), and primary cell cultures that are known to be resistant to most typical transfection technologies. Company offers over 120 cell-line specific transfection kits, optimized electroporation products, and  in vivo transfection reagents that are used for tissue-targeted delivery of negatively charged biomolecules (siRNA/miRNA, mRNA, plasmid DNA, small proteins, etc).

Altogen Biosystems announced that its Nanoparticle-based In VivoTransfection Reagent was used for effective overcoming blood-brain barrier and successful transfection of glioblastoma tumor cells with both plasmid DNA and siRNA molecules. Altogen Labs mouse orthotopic PDX glioblastoma xenograft model was used for the study. This xenograft model reproduce glioblastoma histologic complexity and many biological behaviors (angiogenesis, brain invasion, and resistance to therapy). Altogen Labs research study demonstrated functional cargo delivery of both siRNA and DNA (3.72Kb) through the blood–brain barrier, as well as high transfection efficiency and reproducibility. Nanoparticle-based In VivoTransfection Reagent is available as reagent-grade that is commonly used for preclinical research studies, as well as GMP grade product manufactured for clinical research applications. Altogen’s nanoparticle in vivo transfection reagent was referenced in over 40 research publications for effective in vivo delivery of biomolecules, however Altogen scientists still had to develop modified in vivo transfection protocol to enable brain-targeted delivery.

About Altogen Biosystems

Altogen Biosystems is a life sciences products manufacturer that offers a spectrum of transfection kits and electroporation buffers that are optimized for cancer cell lines and primary cell types. Altogen’s in vivo transfection reagents enable tissue-targeted delivery of any negatively charged moleculess. Scientists at Altogen Biosystems utilize chemical engineering and cell biology expertise to develop novel efficient and safe transfection products to assist scientists in revolutionary cancer and drug development research.

Altogen Biosystems
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